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“If you are ready for music that can affect you on a profoundly deep and joyful level, music that can motivate you to go deep within…………”

(you’ve come to the right place)

You are more likely to enjoy my harmonious sounds and meloidies, which are like classical and serious music-based, but have more space for you to explore your perceptions of them. A space dimension which has a subtle but strong presence. Its also more modal like ancient and folk musics.

You will find influences from many kinds of music, particularly jazz, Indian and Moroccan music, as well as classical, and rock (’60s particularly), which made my exciting collaboration with Pete Townshend very approachable.

Since 1996 I have directed a music festival (8 of them so far) to put forward my work and certain other composers I feel should be heard more – “Planet Tree Music Festival”.

You will find here my photographs, particularly of nature and my enthusiasm for food and nutrition.


LB_TeachingI support myself by teaching maths privately. I also have discovered a new form of mathematics which can generate rich constantly changing forms, in sound or vision or both.
Unlike fractals, this “harmonic mathematics” makes beautiful dynamically changing patterns in time, as well as in other dimensions such as spatial movement, frequency, colours and components of colours.

Picture 26

Image generated from the software “Visual Harmony” developed by Lawrence Ball and Dave Snowdom

Being fully alive is more important than anything else today. We can absorb that from trees particularly, the beauty of nature when more fully open to it. From art and music but also from each other if we know how to look for it in each other. From looking after our well being and in the experience of learning and teaching with imagination.

In all these I am very glad to have had friends, students and inspiration that have been wonderful and crucial. Welcome to my site, I hope you find some substantial warmth and aliveness. Lawrence Ball, London, August 2014



photo copyright by Lawrence Ball