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20 Piano Pieces 2010

Electronic and Synthesizer music (big reduction)
“Love’s A Mare’s Nest” (2006)

Recent Piano Pieces
Ecstatic Streams (2014)

Deeply Meditational Piano
Still Zero (2014)

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16 - Concert 3












Piano Portraits:
Lawrence can play music to your photograph,
which is a wonderful way to receive music, personally aligned to you.
Contact Lawrence personally to arrange. CD and/or download will be available.

Lawrence Ball Collection 1:
There is also an offer to have access to 56 albums on one mp3 dvd,
or download, or both for £50.
Contact Lawrence personally to arrange purchase, delivery or both.


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  1. Hi Lawrence

    I was fortunate enough to have you arrange music attuned to my photograph and I felt it was acting like a homeopathic remedy when I listened to it.

    I felt ‘seen’ by your music, “heard” by your music and it was reflecting myself back to me. When I listened to your music it felt almost as if I was being compassionately witnessed by it. Healing and wonderful. Thank you so much. I am humbled and grateful.


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