Amazon Herb Products

The now no longer available AMAZON HERB PRODUCTS

by the late Paul Benson

The Amazon Herbs are the products that I am personally most excited about. The range consists of 16 completely natural herbal combinations from the Amazon Rainforest. I encourage you to investigate them.

The Amazon is the most nutritionally rich area of our planet and the herbs are processed by a plant alchemy known as the Spagyric process which maintains the plants’ energy and integrity. As the Indians pick the wild herbs they sing to them to optimise the energy of the harvesting. These are products that work on people who never seem to feel the effects of other products – and they work quickly. Everyone I know who has tried them can feel the powerful energy of the Rainforest healing their body just minutes after trying them – myself included.

In fact beyond encouraging you to try them for your own good, if I were so moved (and I am!) I could even implore you to try them for a larger good; the wild herbs are hand-picked by indigenous people from their own land. As well as sustaining work for these Indians (who are thus less likely to be tempted to sell their land to the lumber companies who want to chop the forest down), an extra ten percent of the profits goes back to the Rainforest.

Ask us for our information pack including an audio tape and two samples of the delicious Shipibo Tea – named after the Shipibo tribe that took in the company’s founder when he took ill in the Amazon. They gave him this tea which not only cured his fever but also rid him of his hepatitis, and it tastes absolutely gorgeous. We have a pot brewing all day long here at Resonance.