Composers Who Have Inspired My Work

Erik Satie (1861-1925) the eccentric (so they say) French composer inspired me with the humanity, simplicity and humour of his music. If I am the reincarnation of a composer, it is most likely of him!! He became much more appreciated 40 years after his death. Hopefully this website might improve on that in my case, but – who knows?

Other composers who have influenced my work are my friend Terry Riley (the Californian composer who is a great pioneer in bringing the spirit and expression of the East and Middle East together with jazz and classical contemporary music), and…….

Alan Hovhaness (1911-2000) who brought the Eastern and ancient worlds of music into orchestral and chamber music. For me, these 3 composers are the great spirits and innovators of 20th century music. It is due to their influence that I began to compose music in earnest back in the 70s.

Arvo Part inspired me with purity of sound, and his adherence to small and simple rules (as he calls them) that give a uniquely coherent unity of form to his music. His music has a restraint and an invitation towards detachment in listening that can be a wonderfully freeing, meditative feeling.

LaMonte Young’s sound world is spiritual in a different way. His often very long pieces reflect stasis, expressions with almost no contrast, bringing the listener to a centre, to a heaven-perspective. LaMonte is known as a founder of minimalism in music and uses music as a kind of lens or mirror of perception. To me it unfolds worlds of feeling that can emerge when one is not distracted by change and complexity, as is usually the case with music today.

Those are 5 greats in my book, there are also Daniel Lentz, Philip Glass, Kaikhosru Sorabji, Simeon Ten Holt, Jean Catoire, Frank Zappa – and many more.