Free Energy Perspectives

Free energy, you’ve likely heard about it by now, but might be wondering how far this movement has gone towards seeing the healthy light of day, and of demonstrable planetary redemption.

The conventional view, currently pervading, is that particle physics and electrodynamics (that is, magnets, electromagnets, motors, dynamos and relays) are 2 separate fields, not unitable. There is a similar schism between gravity and electromagnetism (of the Maxwell/Faraday type (the type we ARE familiar with)). Despite the work of T Townshend Brown to develop anti-gravity, since the 1920s, which work was subsequently blacked in the 1950s. See Paul LaViolette’s book “Secrets Of Anti-Gravity Propulsion”.

Having been reading assiduously for the last 12 years about the “free energy” movement (or psychtronics as its called in Russia), it seems the connections are likely to be bridged (officially) in the near future. Despite phenomenal lockdown tactics.

Everyone by now has heard of Nicola Tesla, and has likely heard about (and possibly even been scammed by premature bogus sales attempts) a machine that draws the majority of its energy from the vacuum state (sometimes called zero point energy). Tesla spoke about a century ago of attaching our machinery to the very wheelwork of nature. He was referring to this drawing energy from the vacuum.

There is extreme prejudice in the academic sphere about this new electrodynamics, to say the least. Partly its a belief system thing, but also there are many many reports of inventors being threatened, bought off or killed. This apparently is coming from a shadowy group (according to Steven Greer) who consider themselves above government. This seems to me likely as presidents and vice-presidents of the USA have been denied access to information.

Many of the materials on free energy work were booted off wikipedia by pressure from the opposition.

The individuals I have discovered who seem to have substantial understanding in this field are: Tom Bearden, John Bedini and Peter Lindemann. (Also Marko Rodin, although I havn’t managed to penetrate or understand his ideas as yet, though they look very good).

Ton Bearden has succeeded in obtaining way more energy output than input with his “MEG” (Motionless Electromagnetic Generator), the first free energy device to be allowed to be patented (you have to realise that to ban patenting you have to know about what is being banned!). The limitation with his device is that it is not stable enough in voltage to power a home with conventional devices.

German scientist Konstantin Meyl gives presentations on the fields that we havn’t acknowledged. You can hear/see his videos online in English.

It seems that there is monitoring of the force fields produced, so that on successful breakthroughs, an inventor can get a “visit”.

The Secret Space Program conferences (2) (videos on YT) have much information on the covered up science and spacecraft evolution that is not made public. Particularly I recommend Mark McCandlish and Paul La Violette.

If you know anyone in engineering, or physics, do alert them to this important material. It could and should save the biosphere from the pollution and instability we must be concerned about. It will provide propulsion and energy resources that we should have had 100 years ago.

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