Being fully alive – the master muscle

DSCN9655The smile muscle is something I have written about and it could do with a lot more flexing for all of us.

There is an energy muscle, part physical, part energy. It connects the heart area to the mouth and the eyes.

The smile begins, somewhat viscerally, with huge lips that begin in the chest area.

The smile reflex, which one can trigger deliberately with 95% effectiveness, begins like a switching on of joy in the chest, mouth and eyes simultaneously

Tweaking this reflex causes incandescence of the upper and lower body, particularly in the heart area, and the simulation of the smiling chest/mouth/eyes evokes more authentic flows of the smile energy.

Smiling in this way is an energy explosion of happiness, partly a generous outpouring to people or a person one is with, but particularly in one’s own sense of rapture.

The smile muscle, triggered and rooted in energy, is controllable with practice, and makes for good photographs and portraits.

The genuine radiant smiling chest and head marination is a great thing to flex, and is worth doing whenever one feels to.

The heart is a sun – it naturally radiates if not inhibited
Its energy can be tilted very gently so that it shines even when it shies away from it


Being fully alive is more important than anything else today. We absorb that from trees particularly, the beauty of nature when more fully open to it. From art and music but also from each other if we know how to look for it in each other. From looking after our well being and in the experience of learning and teaching with imagination.

In all these I am very glad to have had friends, students and inspiration that have been wonderful and crucial. I hope you find some warmth and aliveness through my website.

Intellectual meaning comes in second pace to feeling fully vibrantly and joyously alive. I vibrate, therefore Descartes is superseded. For one thing we need that joy to be strong enough emotionally to cope with the huge challenges, and terrible “news” going on currently.


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