I have improvised largely meditative piano music for 37 years. I love the piano, and it forms the core of my creative work. I played regularly to meditation groups in the early 70s, which deepened my listening sense, developing the use of very slow tempo, which can be a great catalyst for healing energy, and can stimulate the unconscious mind powerfully. I play in an unusual way, drawing harmonics from already resonant strings, placing my attention on the whole piano resonance, rather than just on a melody of separate notes.

My recordings are used by healers, alternative and complementary medicine practitioners, and therapists, as well as all sorts of people for personal TLC.

My improvisations create a deeply peaceful musical texture. Like a lake of impressions, at times intricate, at others very simple. They can create a highly charged, yet gentle dialogue with the listener’s attention. They can and have healed stressful or depleted conditions of the psyche and the body. They are created from a state of strong intent towards calm, joy and alertness, engaging the mind as well as deep feelings.

This is the heart of my music, and there are short improvised piano pieces on this site as a gift for you to download. At times I will upload more pieces, on the day on which these pieces are created, so you can hear them “hot off the press”.