a) music

i) composers

Classical Net – Basic Repertoire List – Hovhaness

SoundCircus: an interview with Lou Harrison

Robert Rich and Amoeba at The Petri Dish

David Hykes’s- H A R M O N I C W O R L D

Kit Watkin’s Linden Music

Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

Terry Riley

Morton Feldman Page

La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela, Pandit Pran Nath, MELA Foundation

Erik Satie: homepage




ii) algorithmic music

A) Fractal music software


ArtSong -

Tangent -

Tapestry Wizard -

FMusic -

Gingerbread and Venharis -

Many different softwares for Atarii -

B) other means of generating music


iii) experimental tuning/microtuning

John Starrett’s Microtonal Music Page

Scala – tuning software members



iv) India 

v) Morocco


vi) compositional software

Symbolic Composer


vii) compositional software purchase

Harmony Central – Musicians Web Center – Music Software, MP3 Software, Guitar,viii) Sheet Music, Books…

Software – The Sonic Spot


ix) environmental sound

Wildsounds recordings

EARTH EAR CATALOG: Water, Oceans, and Storms



x) scores

Experimental Music Catalogue


xi) CD purchase


xii) festivals

Planet Tree Music: introduction mp3


xiv) maths & music




b) visual art

i) artists

The Paintings of Nicholas Roerich On Line

Nicholas Roerich Museum


ii) computer graphic art

Visual Harmony – Animated images using harmonic maths techniques

iota Home Page

Trochoid Technologies


iii) fractals

Fractal Software

Fractint Homepage

Fractal Art FAQ

Fractal Software Links on Paul N. Lee’s website


c) poetry

i) Rilke

The Rainer Maria Rilke Archive

Rilke on the Web: An Annotated Compendium

Howard A. Landman’s translation of Rilke’s “The Sonnets to Orpheus”

d) literature

The Internet Classics Archive



Friends of the Earth: England, Wales and Northern Ireland



Robert Muller Schools International



a) LemonBurst web site

b) nutritional foods

Resonance Health Products – Vitamin and Mineral supplements, Noni, Arthritis

relief, Spiritual health

c) raw foods

the fresh network

d) better eyesight without glasses

Pinhole glasses and eye exercises help improve your vision

Take Off Your Glasses And See: A Mind\Body Approach To Expanding Your

Eyesight And Insight; Liberman, Jacob; English; Paperback

The Bates Method – Bates Association for Vision Education

Pinhole Glasses – Natural Eyes Vision Training Glasses – for better eyesight

- Momentum98

Lifestyle Pinhole Glasses: The Clinically Tested Alternative to Prescription

Eye Glasses and Contact Lens



World Development Movement



Who Is Swami Beyondananda





a) Sufi

Anqa Publishing – Ibn Arabi life and Works

Beshara, Courses, and Online Reading

b) organisations

Intuition in Service


c) mysticism

Mysticism in World Religions: Frames version


d) writings

Blavatsky Net Foundation

Home Page of The Theosophical Society

Agni Yoga Society

Lucis Trust; Lucis Publishing Companies: 24 Books by Alice Bailey

Temple of the People


e) books

Welcome to Netnews Association

Watkins Books

f) positive thinking

The Daily Motivator



a) mathematics

i) Buckminster Fuller

Geodesic Designs, Inc.

Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute-HOME


b) astronomy

HubbleSite — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares,

auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

c) organisations

The Scientific & Medical Network Home Page

Biosphere Information


d) “Pythagorean”

Sacred Geometry Home Page

e) microphotography