May 2017 Concert Series

Rosslyn Hill Chapel, 3 Pilgrim’s Pl, Hampstead, London NW3 1NG

May 9th (tuesday) 5.30pm (interval approx: from 8-8.30pm)
Jonathan Powell performs Opus Clavicembalisticum by Kaikhosru Sorabji (1892-1988)
4 1/4 hour concert, expected to finish around 10.20pm
£20, £10 concessions

Jonathan Powell, composer/pianist, performs classical, romantic and and little known contemporary music and has performed worldwide, including many national radio broadcasts and recorded albums.
Kaikhosru Sorabji (1892-1988), a highly individual voice as piano-composer much evolved the pianistic approach and complexity of the 19th century with a uniquely charged atmosphere, often with hugely extended durations.
Sorabji’s Opus clavicembalisticum is stuff of legend, more talked and written about than heard, a music of proportions and hue so ‘other’.

May 13th (saturday) 7.30pm
Music by Lawrence Ball (including world premieres)
and by Jean Catoire (1923-2005):
Eleonora Bagarotti harp
Neil Davis viola
Lawrence Ball piano, synthesizer
James D’Angelo piano
£13, £9 concessions

Lawrence Ball, a deep, meditating composer/pianist/mathematician has 50 years of music creation under his belt with thousands of different kinds of musical items, including collaborations with Pete Townshend.
In 2 of these concerts he includes new compositions and also performs with electronic and acoustic instruments.

May 16th (tuesday) 7.30pm
Music by Keith Barnard and Lawrence Ball
Carlo Grante, piano
£13, £9 concessions

Carlo Grante, one of Italy’s foremost concert pianists, performs and records concerti and solo music, from all periods, on several continents to substantial praise and reviews.
Of his live performances, a Berlin newspaper wrote in 2015 that Grante’s playing had ‘such fullness and warmth…, [with] such a soft and gradation-rich forte… without hardnesses or peaks but full of power – such [Chopin] playing has rarely been heard since Magaloff.”

The music of English composer/pianist Keith Barnard (b. 1950) explores a deep emotional terrain through a personal musical language forged through years of intense spiritual exploration. He has performed in many countries and has been championed and recorded by prominent soloists.
Barnard’s music is often explicitly linked with healing and colour rays, and many of his titles name the colours invoked by particular compositions and their instrumentation and designation.

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May 2017 Concert Series — 1 Comment

  1. I am devastated that I cannot attend the May 16th concert, owing to a conflict of diaries. I have to give a speech at an event in central London that was organised months ago.

    I wish you all a marvellous evening and am in my cups that I will not get to hear Carlo Grante play the music of Keith Barnard and Lawrence Ball.

    With warmest good wishes, Helen H.

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