Message From the late Paul Benson


Resonance offers you cutting edge physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nutritional products from a New Age perspective for your journey to and through optimal physical, mental and spiritual health as you become more of who you already are.

Resonance has been pioneering the use of oxygen therapy since 1993 and offers a variety of products to increase oxygen levels.

Resonance was the first company to offer MSM products in the UK and now offers the MSM MAX which is demonstrably superior to any other MSM on the market.

Other specialities include the unique range of Etherium Technology Supplements for the Spirit. Recent independent research on Etherium Gold shows it improves brain unctioning offering improved learning abilities and enhanced meditation experiences.

The latest addition is a range of Spagyric herbal products from the Amazon rain forest that are as eco-friendly as they are potent. Kindred Spirit magazine was so impressed with these herbs they ran a feature on the company.

At Resonance we are loving what we are doing.

(Resonance was based in Totnes, Devon, UK)