by the late Paul Benson

Resonance foods are organic wholefoods. I have said I don’t believe in the efficacy of chemical identicals of various ingredients of food. I believe that chemistry is only part of the picture. As I’ve said, food has an essence, an energy that chemists cannot mimic either because they don’t think it exists or because they are incapable of manufacturing chi, prana, or whatever name you give to the essence of food. Either way you are better off trusting God!

If you eat the right foods you won’t need any supplement pills – so why a mineral supplement? Because all of our food ultimately comes from the soil – either directly or via an animal’s digestive system if you are a carnivore. And the soil is bereft of the full range of minerals. They just ain’t there any more. And if we don’t get them from our food we ain’t going to get them – unless we cheat. We need minerals so we have to cheat. We have to eat them separately. But there is a way of cheating that isn’t really cheating, a way of having a mineral rich food that does come from trusting God. We can forego the soil and try the sea instead. To borrow (and misuse) an expression from the world of cakes, we can have our minerals and eat them. Not all minerals are created equal For years nutritionists have discussed and argued over which kind of minerals are best for us. The choice is enormous; organic, inorganic, clay, colloidal, petrified vegetation, ancient organic sea beds, ionic, etc, etc.

The easy assumption to make is that minerals by their very nature are inorganic, non-living substances that are used by living creatures. Even organic sources – such as petrified vegetation, ancient organic sea beds, petroleum products, coal and diamonds – are dead and lifeless. They do contain minerals – often in abundance – but in a form that is largely inassimilable by the human body. Ionic minerals on the other hand are inorganic but alive. Let me explain. In nature non-living things move towards greater entropy, that is, as time passes, they tend to break down, wash away and go from organisation to disintegration. Only living things have the tendency to build up towards a more ordered state, to heal themselves, to collect that which is good, incorporate it, utilise it or make it better. This is what ionic minerals do. When minerals are broken down to this smallest ionic state and then put into water they form a solution that renders the minerals assimilable to human beings. Once in solution they will conduct or even produce the electrical energies which keep living things alive. Also when water is removed from a solution of ionic minerals, the minerals will combine and organise into crystals – thus going from a state of disorganisation to organisation. Other forms of minerals (even the now popular colloidal types) won’t even dissolve properly in water and this makes them very difficult for us to assimilate and use. Some of the particles may form a suspension in water, but such particles are too big to pass through the semi-permeable membrane of a cell wall and so are difficult for us to use. They also won’t conduct or produce electricity, and when the water is removed these other non-ionic minerals don’t form beautiful organised crystals but just turn to mud, dirt or dust. The Resonance ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops are described on the bottle as the most powerful, natural, health giving trace minerals in the world. They are taken from Utah’s Inland Sea where the minerals are not only ionic but also highly concentrated and in a balance almost identical to that found in healthy blood plasma or the lymphatic system which means it can only add to and not upset the important mineral balance of the body. Almost any other mineral formula has the potential to upset this balance and taking mineral isolates can be harmful. A popular and dangerous mis-conception here that is worth pointing out concerns calcium. It is true that bones are made of calcium so it is often naively thought that taking extra calcium will strengthen the bones. In fact the opposite happens; taking extra calcium (particularly in isolation from magnesium) actually causes the existing calcium to be leached from the bones. The result is that the bones become weaker instead of stronger. (Order the book Living Minerals for more on this topic.)

At present, to the best of my knowledge, ConcenTrace’s Trace Mineral Drops are only available in the UK from Resonance. Taken daily they will help rejuvenate your body’s entire electrical system. You will feel better and have more energy, and because they are capable of entering the cell directly, many users report feeling these effects almost instantly. ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops are the closest to food that any mineral supplement could be. It is cheating – but only a little. The minerals are cheap – £12.99 for a bottle that should last a couple of months.