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I live currently in North London. For 27 years I have pursued the creation of composed and improvised music. I have worked also during this time as a private tutor in mathematics (mostly) and physics.

My other interests include humour, health and nutrition and many fields beginning from maths and music but extending further. I also have an interest in spirituality and philosophy - tending toward the Eastern rather than the Western - but applying it to contemporary living.

If you have found this site through one of my specific interests, or by accident, then should you find new areas to interest you that would make me happy. I am highly enthusiastic about all this, as you will see. Here are a few snapshots of my (perhaps) radical thoughts in these areas:

In my musical creation I am reinforcing directness, expressing something simple yet affecting, using the mind as an instrument rather than as an obsession which often in the case with new music. For me the most effective musical creation comes from a deeply stilling intention. My music is almost all tonal and melody-like (if not with a melody) - it is not an arduous assault course for the newcomer. Music for me is an ocean of exploration, the communication of internal realities through airwaves, using written scores, improvised and semi-improvised, computer-generated as well as orchestral and chamber music.. The states of mind accessed through music inspire me greatly, music having been one means whereby I have and do recover from depletion, and access deeply joyful moods.

I consider that the training of young (and all) students in the ability to be able to concentrate effectively whilst as relaxed as possible is the most important factor lacking. This concentration, and study skills also could be a new subject at school, which should assume central importance. Without these capabilities students are in for a bumpy ride, one which is often not even acknowledged. Education I feel is in sore danger of losing its inspired content. Teachers appear to be so drenched in paperwork and guidelines and political requirements for monitoring that it is increasingly hard to speak to young people with real expression, inventive powers, and motivating inspiration. All of that currently has to come from individual teachers, despite the welter of structure thrust upon them.

Health and nutrition is a concern to me particularly as I have seen how much our societies are neglecting prevention, it seems deliberately, (doctors not being required to study nutrition in their training for instance) and my informing sources in this area have all been through my personal friends and acquaintances. You would probably not believe how much further nutritional research has progressed beyond doctors' capacity to keep up, nor how many effective means there are for shielding one's health that most folk are not as yet aware of. My friend Paul Benson has collected what is to my mind a useful map of these cutting edge developments.

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