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Inspired by John Whitney's pre-computer and computer films, Michael Tusch and myself developed harmonic mathematics on the shoulders of his concept "differential dynamics" - and this was applied to graphic visuals, sound timbres and melodic loops tha evolved, in the 80s.

Dave Snowdon from 1995, with this input, developed a programme called Visual Harmony which embodies and further extends this work in the graphics area. This has and is being used as a live performance tool at musical events, and Dave has contributed to the development of the mathematical

There are some recordings of computer generated electronic music from the 80s which are available for purchase, both of the timbral synthesis type and the melodic loops type.

The technical pages here describe the application of harmonic maths to timbral synthesis (drones that change their harmonic colours in smooth transitions). The use of HM to create melodic looping music - both in computer music generation as well as in many of my notated scores - I will write about soon.

Their visual work using hm, in collaboration with Dave Snowdon has a website http://www.visualharmony.org

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