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There are certain developments in nutrition and healthcare that are going on outside the main public eye. For insight into this quiet revolution I am grateful to my friend Paul Benson, the founder of Resonance, in Devon UK, who is close to the hub of it.

He emphasises health as the focus rather than illness or symptoms, which tend to be the domains of doctors' training and their relation to drugs that target them (doctors receive little if not zero instruction in nutrition).

Resonance is a company which presents potent, pure and natural nutritional "foods". I include some material by Paul and recommend you visit the Resonance site, where you can order a catalogue. Paul is very intuitive in finding innovative and effective products, having resolved a health challenge of his own, and has often found products that have helped me, my friends and my family.

I hope these articles will be interesting, thought-provoking and fun to read.




The quiet revolution

Message from P. Benson



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