Planet Tree Music Festival

Challenging new radiant music for the lighthearted cultured.

I founded the Planet Tree Music Festival in 1996 and have put on 8 festivals so far. It is based in London, UK.
I felt and feel that experimental and contemporary music can be harmonious, tonally and emotionally, and be refined, challenging and full of life.
I have put forward Terry Riley, Alan Hovhaness, Jean Catoire, Kaikhosru Sorabji, Erik Satie, and others who deserve more recognition, including myself, James D’Angelo and Keith Barnard.
In later years composer/pianist Alessandra Celletti has performed, and I am hoping soon to feature the late composer Simeon Ten Holt and his champion, composer/pianist Jeroen Van Veen.
I hate to use the S-word, but the word spiritual, as well as new tonal, has been used to distinguish the festival from more generic new music.
All the composers I cherish, including myself (!) have a mystical dimension.

The festival supports music of long duration, also combinations of 2 or more arts media including poetry, painters, multi-media installation and computer graphic video.
The influence from beyond classical-based music is also considerable, of ancient, planet-wide traditions, and more popular forms. I tend not to feature over complex, serial or 12-tone music.
The festival’s recognition has been slow, we have yet to have concerts or concert recordings broadcast in the UK, and audiences have yet to become substantial.
The release of concert performances of my compositions on Navona records on September 9th is the first commercial one and hopefully this will make music lovers more aware of the festival and its championees.

I am continuing this line of concert making until I feel that there is recognition of this group of composers.
Arvo Part, Philip Glass and Steve Reich, and especially the wonderful Kronos Quartet have made popular the en-friending of experiment in music,
but I feel there is a current of creativity behind the more recognised individuals that must be shared and given plenty of oxygen.
The late Jean Catoire for instance who went light years beyond other composers in his energetic qualities of inspiration.
The late Alan Hovhaness also, particularly in Europe, has yet to be truly understood as the vast spirit that integrated ancient Asia into symphonic and chamber music, with incredible verve.

As a musical entity I am sometimes criticised or even branded as mad by those who are identified with their own path in performing or composing.
I have been fortunate enough to see beyond myself sufficiently to be able to express my gratitude to inspirational individual muses in a practical as well as verbal or personal manner.
It’s also an example of the principle that generosity returns to the fortunate generous, to which I can testify with vigour.

I am grateful to my consistent aficionado Bob Lord for the release of this Navona album.
You can hear samples of my new album on YouTube or on Navona’s dedicated page:
You can read about the festival at

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