Recorded Talks for Children

2 talks to listen to or download, more are in the pipeline for the near future:

Picture 131) The Atom – an exploration of the size, nature and our understanding of the particles which are held to constitute everything physical. (20 minutes) It contains a visualisation where a grain of salt is expanded to the size of the earth, and an atom is then the size of a room in a house.

2) Outer Space – a journey, through visualisation, out from the earth to the outermost reaches of the Picture 6-2known universe. It gives a strong sense of the relative sizes and distances of the earth, the moon, the sun, the solar system, our Milky Way galaxy and the whole visible universe. (27 minutes) This talk reduces, in turn, the earth, then the solar system, and then our galaxy to a grain of salt, and at each stage compares the sizes of other neighbouring bodies and distances to this grain. For instance if the earth is one millimetre across, the sun is about 10 cm (the size of a football) in diameter and is 10 metres away from it.

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