Soaring Melody

A melody can be like an eagle, it can embody strong flight.
The quality of soaring in music can really take you.

In the second movement of Energy Diamond (track 2 on the album of the same name) I composed 4 lines of interwoven melodies in such a way as to try to capture the strongest possible sense of invigoration and joy. This occurs often when I compose, this attempt to capture an energy of propulsion, flying at least emotionally and feeling-fully, and I have experimented in many ways to render the feeling into music in as direct a way as possible.
To this end I have invented a notation that has as little writing per note as possible, less than ordinary notation, so as to free me to hear and soar with more authentic directness.

In my piano portraits played to the photographs of dear often remote friends, I also search with strong will for soaring energy, for vigorous joy, for music that can become charged with soaring.
The album Ecstatic Streams contains music played in this way to Eva Winchester, Karin de Callafon and Laura Eisenhower.

The last movement of my 2nd Viola Suite played by Neil Davis (track 8 on the album) has I feel this quality also, this music is a hopscotch of rhythms, and it moves through different variations but always vigorously cut up phrases that keep turning twisting and changing in their soaring sweep.

In this idea I am inspired by the scores of Terry Riley, who brings a unique and dynamic warmth to passages of strong expression. To me his compositions set a high standard for embracing the listener with deep feeling.

You the listener are paramount, any discoveries I have made I offer, woven into sounds, with the express aim of sharing the quality of flight of feeling that I feel in playing, composing and living. It is the most important touchstone – the expression of highest discovered energy, that a composer can share with anyone. In this album Energy Diamond there is hopefully a cornucopia of these touchstones, of many forms, that might share soaring with you big time.

My poem “The Aerodynamics Of Intuition” states something of the soaring of life:

The way decision is allowed and glided on
Our impressions as streams of air
The turns of circumstance as changes of direction or strength
Our intent a leaning into its pulls
The intuition as wings, already seated on circumstance, yet riding the shape-shifters

There are subtler and grosser currents
And the subtler are far more powerful in their consequence

The aerodynamics of intuition is a science and a poetry,
That helps us realise that it’s how we steer and shape our intuitive being
That gives it its best possible glide through life

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